2018 Retreat Spotlight: A Weekend of Flow, Yin & Chant with Lana Sugarman


Join Lana Sugarman for a spring renewal retreat which will nourish mind, body and spirit.

April 6th -8th, 2018 at Shanti Retreat

Enjoy meditation, a morning active yoga practice (Jivamukti style), as well as an afternoon yin yoga practice. Saturday evening, Lana will share her passion and gift for kirtan. Kirtan is the practice of call and response chanting. Guests will have the opportunity to share their voices, dance, or simply relax and receive the sound. It is like a meditation through music. With the repetition of the mantras we are able to get out of our heads and tap into a sense of ease and joy. Jivamukti Yoga is creative vinyasa flow, with meditation, mantra, hand-on assists, and philosophy woven throughout the class.








Retreat Includes: 2 nights accommodation, vegetarian meals, yin and flow yoga classes with Lana (suitable for all levels), morning meditation, Saturday evening kirtan (Call and Response Devotional Chanting), one infrared Sauna Session, use of Shanti’s Amenities (Wellness Tea Bar, WiFi, Labyrinth, Hammocks, Canoes and Kayaks, and Walking and Cycling Routes).


About Lana

Lana discovered yoga at the age of 15 in Red Deer, Alberta. She dabbled in many styles but fell in love with Jivamukti Yoga and completed her 300 Hour training in 2009. Later that year she studied Yin Yoga with Tracey Soghrati, a 40 hour certification. She continues to study with many inspiring teachers including Sarah Powers, David Life and Sharon Gannon, and the radiant community of Toronto. As a teacher, Lana strives to offer a safe and nourishing space for students and to offer insights that are relatable. Her classes are a mix of expressive asana, hands-on assists, and philosophy. Also a musician and theatre artist, Lana merges her love of sound and Sanskrit with the practice of kirtan. ‘Lana has recorded two albums: Invocation (2013) and Reverence (2017). She loves to travel to communities around the world sharing the magic of mantra!’


Visit Lana’s Website

Please see the more info document for the schedule, full details and how to sign up.

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A Spring Awakening for the mind, body and spirit: Yoga Trance Dance

This weekend I had the chance to attend the Yoga Show and Conference in Toronto. One of the highlights of the weekend was the Yoga Trance Dance. This isn’t really something that can be explained, but has to be experienced…and in order to experience it fully, I had to let go of any inhibitions,  judgements (of my myself or others) and even all of my thoughts.

Dancing, jumping, moving, stretching and flowing around in a room full of a hundred of people, high on life. Music On, Lights off. I couldn’t believe it, but I must say, this was yoga! It was a sacred union of movement and breath-such an authentic movement with no focus or worry about form. Yoga Dance Trance invites the body to move in a way where we are truly listening to the body, to our intuition and embracing the natural flow.

This was such a different way of moving  prana through the body. Siva Rea, who began this movement 10 years ago, describes it as a high energy movement meditation to liberate your creative life force…a way to experience celebration, rejuvenation, and creative joy through movement.

Is there a better way to awaken the spirit and celebrate the Spring Equinox? Truly, this was a time of transformation and letting go of all that was no longer serving (not to mention the physical  benefits of 2 hours non-stop dancing)

What a journey! The initial softness in the music (and in the movement) feels like the gentle opening of a flower petal. Then, slowly transitioning with music of all styles (blues, jazz, tango, salsa, pop, drums, bollywood, rap –got to love MC yogi!) toward the complete blossoming of the flower – a feeling of an infinite source of light shining through my body. Finally, music for relaxation, chants and savasana as we took the musch needed rest and closing.

Together we all tapped into our own  individual creative source as we became united at the source.

This blog is by Lacey, Mid-week Yoga Instructor at Shanti Retreat

Fore more information about Yoga Trance dance visit

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