Asana of the Week with Loren Crawford: Pigeon
Pigeon pose has many permutations, ranging from a full resting version (pigeons get tired too!) to a big bold back bend. This bound version has always made me feel open and creative. Having long limbs helps with finding some of these deeper binds.
My word of caution when doing any deep back bend is to a) not do too many as they can over stimulate the adrenals, and b) make sure you are stable in your pelvis and lumbar – especially those of you who are very flexible (it is easy to compress vertebrae and over years of doing this quite literally cause deterioration).  Be happy, proud (and safe) in pigeon!
About the Author
Loren Crawford is Canada’s first ParaYoga certified teacher. He offers yoga to Ottawa and online communities: yoga classesyoga workshops200-hr and 500-hr yoga teacher training, online yoga classes, mentorship and yoga therapy. Loren strives to weave the teachings of the tradition of yoga into the modern physical approach for a unique and powerful experience.

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