Asana of the Week with Megan Campbell – King Pigeon Pose

Eka Pada Raja Kapotasana ~ King Pigeon Pose

As a Yogini along this path I am constantly focused on embodying grace and ease, not just in poses, but in life.

This pose, for me, really represents these qualities, needing the strength of the spine and ease of hips and quadriceps, with a gaze up to the Heavens. I actually really like to call this pose Majestic Swan instead, because when you think of a swan you associate these traits to her.

You also need nice mobile shoulders and an open chest, which allows the breath to flow even more fluidity through and into the lungs. When I think of a swan, I associate that proud, majestic quality, but they glide along the water with such grace, barely making ripples on the surface.

I know that just underneath the surface, their feet are moving, so their apparent stillness or lack of movement, is an illusion. Such like the breath, its constant movement keeps us ‘afloat’, creates inner stillness, and anchored in ease and grace.

Megan Campbell

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