Asana of the week with Andrea Robertson: Urdhva Mukha Svanasana
Upward Facing Dog/Urdhva Mukha Svanasana

Aside from downward dog, upwardog facing dog is one of the most widely known and recognized yoga poses due to its numerous benefits and therapeutic uses. As cousin to the Cobra pose, it is considered one of the routine poses during the Sun Salutaion series.
Consistant and determined practice of upardog facing dog, as well as other back bends done yoga practices can
  • Strengthen the spine, arms and wrists
  • Stimulate the organs of the abdomen
  • Improve posture, by stretching anterior spine and strengthening posterior spine
  • Stretch chest and lungs, shoulders and abdomen
  • Helps to relieve depression, fatigue and pain of sciatica
  • Increase lung capacity to relieve the symptoms of asthma

Poses like this are critical for a healthy back, especially with so many of our daily postures and chores that induce the forward fold of the torso.  When we are forward all day-whether sitting at our desks or driving for hours on end, we over stretch our back muscles and weaken our abdominals.

Back-bending poses like upward counteract this growing problem.  Once we are in better more lifted postures, it automatically puts our abdominal organs in a better functioning position.  It is also a great pose to tone our arms and legs and open our hearts.
Mid-Week Retreat with Andrea Robertson
July 31st- August 1, 2013

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