Know thyself and you shall know the universe.
- Lao Tzu
Relax, reflect and restore...
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Selfless service; compassion in action.

Karma Yoga

Darin and Wendy’s vision is to offer Shanti as an oasis of peace; a sanctuary where guests can pause, reflect, and connect in community with kindred spirits. As well, Shanti’s nurturing and stimulating atmosphere provides guests with the inspiration to delve deeper into the gift of yoga and connect with Self – the essence of our Being.  To support our mission we are looking for karma yogis to live and work at Shanti.

As a karma yogi at Shanti you will reap the benefits of selfless service, live in a beautiful setting with amenities, be nourished with excellent food, enjoy quality entertainment, and experience the opportunity to live and work in a very unique way.

The Karma Yoga/Volunteer Experience at Shanti
Karma Yogi’s view their own growth in connection with assisting others. The work itself can be basic and sometimes it can be physically demanding. At Shanti, Karma Yogis are required to assist with maintenance, gardening, housekeeping and kitchen help. There are also opportunities in administration. 36 hours of Karma Yoga is expected each week.

Every work experience, regardless of the specific tasks, is important to Shanti. We seek individuals who can go beyond the details of their duties, knowing that the functions they fulfill are a vital part of a larger vision.

By approaching all assigned tasks with the that view that they are making an offering of service to our guests and to each other, the work performed by every Karma Yogi becomes meaningful.

Q. Who should apply?
A. Consider applying for a Karma Yoga position at Shanti if you believe in giving through service, and see this as a way of deepening your personal growth.

Q. How is the work assigned?
A. Generally at Shanti we can let a perspective Karma Yogi know the positions that need to be filled ahead of time. However, we are looking for individuals who are flexible and can help out with tasks as they arise at the retreat.

Q. What is the exchange?
A. All Karma Yogi’s get housing (trailer or tent accommodation) 3  meals per day,  daily guided meditation or yoga class, use of yoga studio for personal practice, weekly entertainment (movie night), use of  infra-red sauna, and the opportunity to live and work in a very unique way.

Q. What should I bring?
A. Bring clothing appropriate for the Canadian climate. Bring clothing for indoor and outdoor work. We have most things here but please feel free to bring your own favorite personal items.

Q. What are the qualities you are looking for in a Karma Yogi?
A. Essential qualities are flexibility, accountability, integrity and kindness. We look for individuals who are positive, have reasonable expectations, a strong work ethic and are welcoming to guests.

If you are interested in applying for a Karma Yoga position at Shanti, please send us an email and we will be happy to send you the application. Please note we require all karma yogis to  commit for the full season from April until the end of November.

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