We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.
- Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
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Retreat Lineup

For information about Shanti Yoga Retreat Weekends please contact us by phone or email.  For retreats hosted by guest instructors please contact them directly using the contact information listed below.



Oct 3rd to Oct 5th
Relax, Refresh and Unwind - A Weekend of Restorative Yoga with Hali Schwartz
Nurture your body with a weekend of restorative hatha yoga with a highly gifted and fun loving instructor, Hali Schwartz. Restorative hatha yoga is very conducive to allowing a sense of peace and ease to unfold in your being. The teachings Hali will share with you reflect her deep passion and understanding of yoga philosophy. This unique weekend retreat will offer you the opportunity to gain greater insight into yoga while providing plenty of free time to enjoy Shanti’s grounds and amenities. Rate: $350pp for 3 or 4 share and $375pp for 2 share. Please add 13% HST.
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Oct 10th to Oct 12th
Shanti Yoga Retreat Thanksgiving Weekend with Darin and Wendy
Come nourish body, mind and soul and join us for a nurturing autumn retreat on Wolfe Island. Savour the beauty of the fall colors and the flocks of migratory Canada Geese gathering in Brown's Bay. In the spirit of Thanksgiving we will take time throughout this weekend of yoga, meditation, silent morning walks and informal evening gatherings to contemplate Gratitude. What are we grateful for in our lives? What are our daily Joys? In the words of Sara Ban Breathnack "All we have is all we need. All we need is the awareness of how blessed we really are". Suitable for all levels.
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Oct 17th to Oct 19th
Yoga Retreat with Kellie & Brendon
Join Kellie Dearman and Brendon Abram for a weekend of yoga, relaxation and restoration! We invite new and practiced students to attend this glorious Fall getaway. Yoga classes will range from gentle to slightly challenging, but all students will be encouraged to work to their own ability, learning to be aware of their own strengths and weaknesses, as well as to be mindful of their emotional well-being. Discussions will focus on restorative yoga practices and meditation techniques designed to deepen peace of mind. Please see more info doc for all the details.
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Oct 24th to Oct 26th
Autumn Retreat with Dallas from Studio 330
THIS RETREAT IS SOLD OUT. So nice she's doing it twice: join dallas for studio330's second Shanti retreat of 2014 on Wolfe Island this October. The autumn colours will be crimson and vibrant, and the crisp air always smells of possibility and change. It's a magical time to be at Shanti, where you'll partake in yoga classes that give you the perfect, well-rounded practice - dallas will deliver a strengthening flow and wind it down with decadent deep holds and restorative postures until you're in Savasana with the breeze off the lake flowing over you. Classes are followed by lush vegetarian meals - it's a wonderful time to eat local when harvest is robust! Register: Cost is $400 (HST) included. Pre-registration is required. Connect with dallas at info@studio330.ca. A $100 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your spot in this retreat. final payment is due October 10th, 2014. After October 14th there are no refunds or credits granted for cancellations.
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Oct 24th to Oct 26th
Meet the Goddess within with Latika Pierrette Claude
Enjoy a week-end practice of Yin and Yang yoga and reconnect with your body in a gentle fashion. Then, let the Goddess of Yoga unlock the potential of your feminine, Shakti, energy: both men and women can benefit from the healing and empowering Goddess’ energy. Find the Goddess alive within you and petition one of her many forms for inspiration and guidance. Latika will help you unlock the mysterious powers and qualities of these forms. Discover which one you resonate with. Take home strength and inspiration for potential life changes. Cost of the retreat$335.00 or $360.00 + HST. To reserve please contact Latika at latikayoga@hotmail.com
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Oct 31st to Nov 2nd
Yoga for Self Healing with Abby
You are your own best healer. In this retreat, Yoga teacher and Yoga Therapist Abby Blythe will guide you through an exploration of your perfect, wonderful body (and help you change your attitude to make you see it as such!) In Abby's gentle hatha yoga classes you will learn how your yoga practice can help you to create: Proper Breathing; Healthy Digestion; Cardiovascular Health; Increased Vitality; and Regeneration for Healthy Aging. Come discover the therapeutic benefits of yoga and how to make it part of your daily life. There will also be plenty of free time to relax, refresh, and unwind in the comforts of Shanti. Suitable for those new to yoga as well as more experienced practitioners.
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Nov 7th to Nov 9th
“MoonDance Retreat – Yoga, Expressive Arts and Journey Dance” with Nicole and Diane
This November, create more magic in your life. Dance, create, practise yoga, and celebrate the full moon. Release the old, and allow your radiant beauty and joy to shine through. Imagine a weekend of respect, friendship, validation and fun experienced through Expressive Arts, JourneyDance tm and Hatha Yoga. Make space to connect to your divine feminine, and to take care of yourself before the winter holidays! Come celebrate the magic of life in a supportive and nurturing environment.
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Nov 14th to Nov 16th
Restorative Yoga Retreat with Danika: Balancing the elements within
The holistic principles of yoga, ayurveda, and astrology teach that the universe and each of us – is composed of five subtle elements: earth, water, fire, air, and space. Understanding these elements and their interactions helps us regain and maintain health, balance, and vitality. In this rejuvenating and restorative yoga retreat, we explore and experience the joy of these subtle energies within us. Through asana, meditation, and discussion, we restore ourselves with a focus on breath awareness, easy movement, and gentle postures supported by props (blocks, blankets, and bolsters), which encourage opening and release. Retreat includes: four restorative yoga classes, five wholesome and delicious meals, accommodation, time to reflect, connect and enjoy Shanti’s amenities. Shared rate: $350 + HST; semi-private rate $375+ HST
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Nov 21st to Nov 23rd
Shanti Yoga Retreat with Darin and Wendy
Give yourself the gift of a yoga weekend and join Darin and Wendy for their last retreat of the 2014 season. Allow yourself to go within and curl up fireside with a cup of herbal tea and an inspiring book. Be nurtured and nourished with yoga, meditation, invigorating silent morning walks, evening gatherings and delicious, seasonal vegetarian cuisine. Suitable for all levels.
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Nov 28th to Nov 30th
Fall Restorative Yoga Retreat with Andrea Robertson
Join Andrea Robertson at Shanti Retreat on Wolfe Island to enjoy one of the last weekends of the fall season before the craze of the Holiday Season. Give yourself the gift of nurture. Come to deepen your practice, give yourself time to connect within. Curl up by the fire inside Shanti with a cup of herbal tea and an inspiring book. Get nourished with yoga, meditation, pranayama, a thai massage, an infrared sauna session, and seasonal vegetarian cuisine. Retreat includes Accommodation (2 nights), Vegetarian meals, Yoga Classes & Meditation, Outdoor Fitness Session, Wellness Workshop, Infrared Sauna session. Shared rate: $425; semi-private $475.
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Apr 10th to Apr 12th
Spring Yoga & Meditation Retreat with Darin & Wendy
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Apr 17th to Apr 19th
A weekend of Yoga & Kirtan with Lana Sugarman
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May 8th to May 10th
A women's weekend for self-care: Yoga & Ayurveda Retreat with Mona Warner
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May 15th to May 18th
May Long Weekend Yoga Retreat with Darin & Wendy
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May 29th to May 31st
Yoga Retreat with Ichih Wang
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Jun 5th to Jun 7th
Yogini Yoga- Heal & Transform with Megan Campbell
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Jun 11th to Jun 14th
ParaYoga Retreat with Loren Crawford
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Jun 19th to Jun 21st
Yoga Retreat with Mark and Sandy
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Jun 26th to Jun 30th
Thrive Festival: Hoop Yoga & Dance Movement Retreat
The Thrive festival presents Hoop Yoga & Dance Movement Retreat with Shakti Sunfire and Jocelyn Gordon.
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Jun 30th to Jul 2nd
Mid-Week Canada Day Retreat with Darin & Wendy
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Jul 2nd to Jul 5th
Yoga Retreat with Dallas
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Jul 10th to Jul 12th
PranaShanti Teacher Training Weekend

Jul 17th to Jul 19th
Shanti Yoga Retreat with Darin & Wendy & Conscious Cooking with RHN Lacey
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Jul 31st to Aug 3rd
2nd Annual Wolfe Island Bhakti & Yoga Celebration
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Aug 28th to Aug 30th
Sacred Relationships Retreat
How do we bring sacredness and sexuality together as one? How do we remember that coming together with another is a true art of love? How do we awaken to the depths of our being through union with another being? Join Tiffany & Kristof for this weekend of exploration and introduction into Tantra, Partner Yoga and Compassionate Communication, as we explore ways to maintain, improve and re-ignite connection, communication and sexual intimacy. We will offer various techniques, exercises and a wealth of comprehensive information drawing from the teachings of Yoga, Meditation, Tantra, Compassionate Communication, Modern Sexology, Ayurveda and our own relationship! This will be a weekend filled with explorations, play and transformation in the way in which you view sexuality, partnership and love. This is the perfect gift to yourself and to that special someone in your life and will deeply transform how you engage in all relationships in your life - with your children, co-workers, family, Self...
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Sep 4th to Sep 6th
Labor Day Weekend Yoga Nidra Retreat with Manu
Shanti is pleased to welcome back, for the sixth season, a very gifted yoga teacher Manu Mougenot. You won't want to miss this wonderful opportunity to retreat with him. This weekend has the option of either a 2 night or 3 night stay. Nurture and nourish your body, mind and spirit with Energy yoga and teachings on Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra is most commonly practiced as a technique for deep relaxation and rejuvenation, and enables one to deeply reconnect with themselves. In addition, you will learn how to increase your awareness in your dreams and life in general. This weekend is suitable for all levels. Please see more info doc for all details.
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Sep 11th to Sep 13th
Silent heart meditation & gentle yoga retreat with Manu
Give yourself the gift of retreating within as well as time to savor the beauty and wonderment of the nature that surrounds us here at Shanti. Join devoted practitioner and gifted facilitator Manu, who will be offering another inspiring, silent meditation and yoga retreat again this season. Manu will share simple but powerful tools to begin or deepen your meditation practice. A regular meditation practice can help you navigate life with greater joy, lightness and ease. The weekend will also be infused with gentle and restorative energy yoga classes. This retreat has a 3 or 6 day option. Please click on the more information document for complete details. We look forward to sharing this unique retreat experience with you.
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Sep 17th to Sep 20th
Fall Yoga Retreat with David Good
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Oct 9th to Oct 11th
Thanksgiving Yoga Retreat with Darin & Wendy
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Oct 23rd to Oct 25th
Shakti Spirit® Women's Weekend with Monika Nataraj
For the 7th season, Shanti welcomes back Monika Natarak and this special gathering in celebration of our boundless feminine potential! Discover the secrets of tantra in a sacred circle of women on picturesque Wolfe Island, Ontario. Rejuvenate, Revive and Renew. Weekend includes accommodation, meals, Shanti's amenities as well as yoga, mystical dance, women's Tantric teachings, awakening the senses, introduction to jade egg practices, a Taoist tradition which triggers deep healing and opening of our creative center, and more!
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Nov 6th to Nov 8th
Yogini Yoga- Heal & Transform with Megan Campbell
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Nov 20th to Nov 22nd
Restorative yoga, ayurveda & astrology with Danika
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Nov 27th to Nov 29th
Fall Yoga & Meditation Retreat with Darin & Wendy
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