The only beauty that lasts is the beauty of the heart.
- Rumi
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Magical, morning mist...
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Retreat Lineup



Aug 18th to Aug 20th
THIS RETREAT IS NOW FULL. Join Sabrina & Barb at this beautiful retreat center. A weekend to nourish with yoga, meditation, nutrition, essential oils and delicious whole foods. Discover the power to heal, grow and awaken by deepening self-awareness and connecting to your heart's center. For more info visit website.
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Aug 20th
New Moon Gathering with Lacey
Gather once a month in sacred circle and connect with like-minded women. This is a time for women of all ages to unite and reconnect with the wisdom and power that dwells within. Come back home to Mother Nature and into harmony with her cycles and rhythms. Each 2 hour gathering offers a different theme and includes meditation, relaxation, intention setting, self-inquiry, the sharing of ancient teachings/practices and time for personal sharing. No pre-registration required. $20 drop in. Sunday August 20th, 7-9 pm, Shanti Retreat {in the magical yurt!}
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Aug 21st to Aug 23rd
Awakening Compassion - A Mid Week Retreat with Antoaneta Gotea
A few spots still available - 1 space in a shared room and 1 space in a Shanti tent. Darin and Wendy are delighted to welcome one of their teachers, Antoaneta Gotea, for the first time to Shanti. This transformative 3-day retreat includes gentle hatha yoga as well as simple, effective and empowering practices, from esoteric and Western teachings. These practices will help to attune you with the intuition and stillness of your Heart, and strengthen the power of love and compassion within. This will have an impact on your relationship with Self, with others, and your approach to life. This retreat will work with the Goddess Tara, known as the goddess of universal compassion. It will also include the gift of observing noble silence. Please see the More Information document below for rates, schedule and details. Contact Shanti Retreat to make a booking, or for any questions.
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Aug 25th to Aug 27th
Yoga & Mindfulness Retreat with Liz Huntly & Roland Jensch
A cleansing weekend of yoga, meditation and joyful self-discovery. Liz and Roland will lead varied all-levels meditation and asana practices, skillfully guiding you towards both physical challenges and deep relaxation. Through practices of movement and of stillness, this weekend offers a spaciousness in which to consider how you are living and how you want to move forward. Located at Shanti Retreat on beautiful Wolfe Island, this retreat offers ideal conditions for appreciation of nature and enjoyment of wholesome food.
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Sep 1st to Sep 4th
Labour Day Long Weekend Yoga Nidra Retreat with Manu
THIS RETREAT IS FULL. We are delighted to welcome back, for the 9th season, gifted teacher, facilitator and dear friend Manu Akshobhia. You won't want to miss this wonderful opportunity to retreat with him while savoring the last long weekend of summer. Swim, hang in a hammock, sit waterside and enjoy the aliveness of nature. Nurture and nourish your body, mind and spirit with gentle Energy yoga and teachings on Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra is most commonly practiced as a technique for deep relaxation and rejuvenation, and enables one to deeply reconnect with themselves. In addition, you will learn how to increase your awareness in your dreams, and life in general. You will leave this retreat feeling rejuvenated, well rested and inspired! Please see the More Information document below for rates, schedule and details. Contact Shanti Retreat to make a booking, or for any questions.
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Sep 5th to Sep 7th
Shanti's September Mid-Week Yoga, Meditation & Culinary Retreat with Darin and Wendy
Join Darin and Wendy, co-creators of Shanti, for this September mid-week retreat along with the option to experience a vegetarian cooking class with Registered Holistic Culinary Nutritionist, Lacey Budge. Relax, recharge and restore. As we leave summer behind and step into fall, it is a glorious time here on Wolfe Island; the swans are back, the geese are gathering in the Bay and the sun is setting earlier. All are beautiful signs of autumns approach. There is a Stillness in the air - a lovely reminder of the Stillness that lies within. Retreat offerings include gentle hatha, slow flow and restorative yoga, guided meditation, yoga nidra, and delicious, lovingly prepared vegetarian meals. Spend your afternoon behind the scenes in the Shanti kitchen and learn the secret recipes during this 3 hour hands on vegetarian cooking class. Prepare a delicious meal with love and consciousness featuring local, seasonal and organic veggies. All scheduled activities are optional – it’s your retreat! Take time to connect with kindred spirits, the beauty of nature that surrounds us, and with Self. Please see the More Information document below for rates, schedule and details. Contact Shanti Retreat to make a booking, or for any questions.
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Sep 8th to Sep 10th
Silent Heart Meditation & Gentle Yoga Retreat with Manu
There is a 3 or 6 day option for this retreat. This unique offering is a wonderful opportunity to retreat with Manu Akshobhia, a very gifted teacher and facilitator. The popularity of his retreats brings him back to Shanti for the 9th consecutive season. Give yourself the gift of going within as well as time to soak in the beauty and wonderment of the nature that surrounds us here at Shanti. Manu will offer a truly inspiring silent meditation and yoga retreat. He will share simple but powerful tools to begin or help deepen your meditation practice. A regular meditation practice can help to navigate life with greater joy, lightness and ease. The retreat will also be infused with gentle and restorative energy yoga classes and yoga nidra. Come to Wolfe Island and savour the silence, serenity, and stillness. Please see the More Information document below for rates, schedule and details. Contact Shanti Retreat to make a booking, or for any questions.
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Sep 14th to Sep 17th
Recharge & Restore: Fall Yoga Retreat with David Good
3 spaces shared; 1 space tenting. 4 days of yoga, meditation, relaxation and self-discovery. Join us for this special fall retreat to get reconnected with your true self. Come surround yourself with nature on Wolfe Island and leave life in the city behind for a long weekend. Discover how self-compassion, awareness and loving kindness can help us become more fully present in our lives. Take this time to recharge and restore yourself. Retreat begins Thursday and includes accommodation, delicious meals, an infrared sauna session, use of Shanti’s amenities, morning meditation and yoga sessions with David - morning hatha flow, afternoon yoga, evening restorative and a satsang too. Please see the More Information document below for rates, schedule and details. Please contact Shanti Retreat to make a booking, or for any questions.
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Sep 20th
New Moon & Autumn Equinox Ecstatic Dance with Lacey Budge
Celebrate the September Virgo New Moon and Autumn Equinox on Wednesday September 20th with an evening of Ecstatic Dance. Connect with like minded women during this practice of moving meditation, exploration and devotion. Take an inward journey with conscious music and dance in a safe environment on this day of perfect balance between night and day. The practice is gently guided and you will be invited to move intuitively. No dance experience is required. Release your inhibitions, shake it off and dance in your freedom. Arrival between 6:30 and 7. Ecstatic Dance from 7-9 pm. $20 per person. Contact Lacey at to register. Drop in also available. See website link below for more information.
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Sep 21st to Sep 24th
"Perspective" - An Autumn Yoga Retreat for Women with Anne Stubbs
THIS RETREAT IS NOW FULL. “PERSPECTIVE” – An Autumn Yoga Retreat for Women with Anne Stubbs Is your glass half full or half empty? Depends on your perspective...Join Anne on an extended weekend of inner focus and self-discovery. Exploring angles and aspects of SELF through various lenses of yoga, meditation, and contemplative activities, we will practice ways to both deepen awareness and broaden perspective. We will zero-in and investigate the most subtle of phenomena in our field of experience (physically, mentally, emotionally) and then step back to take a bird’s eye-view of the bigger picture. We will use periods of silence as a tool to heighten the senses and enhance our learning. Within our self-study (Svadhyaya) both individually and in community with other like-minded women, we create space to open up to deeper lessons and different points of view that help put the “yin and yang” of life into perspective. Your weekend at the beautiful Shanti retreat includes shared accommodations, all meals, yoga classes, meditation, and other activities. EARLY BIRD RATE of $549 available until June 30; $589 after June 30. To request a registration form, email Anne at
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Sep 25th to Sep 27th
Retreat and Replenish with Carolyn, Lisa and Shannon
Join us for a getaway where you will be guided through five yoga classes focusing on energizing, detox and digestion flows, gentle Hatha and an evening of restorative. All classes suitable for all levels of yoga. As we come upon the fall Equinox, one of two times a year when the sun shines directly on the equator, it's a great time to set an intention, sow the seeds if you will. Our first afternoon together we will set an intention for our time together, you can carry this personal intent through your practice, journal your discoveries, and fine tune your plan. Outside of class, retreat and spend some time on the lakeside hammocks, in the infrared sauna, walk the labyrinth, canoe, enjoy gourmet vegetarian meals prepared by the amazing Shanti staff and get creative in the take home meditation bracelet workshop. ( all included in the rate) Relax : Release : Get inspired. $400 per person for a double room $370 per person for a 3 to 4 person room. (50% deposit when booking, the remainder due 2 weeks prior the retreat date). For more info call, text or email Lisa 6135322412, Click the link below to check out our Facebook event page.
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Sep 28th to Oct 1st
Fall Sacred Relationships Retreat
How do we bring sacredness and sexuality together as one? How do we remember that coming together with another is a true art of love? How do we awaken to the depths of our being through union with another being? Join Tiffany & Kristof for this weekend of exploration and introduction into Tantra, Partner Yoga and Compassionate Communication, as we explore ways to maintain, improve and re-ignite connection, communication and sexual intimacy. We will offer various techniques, exercises and a wealth of comprehensive information drawing from the teachings of Yoga, Meditation, Tantra, Compassionate Communication, Modern Sexology, Ayurveda and our own relationship! This will be a weekend filled with explorations, play and transformation in the way in which you view sexuality, partnership and love. This is the perfect gift to yourself and to that special someone in your life and will deeply transform how you engage in all relationships in your life - with your children, co-workers, family, Self... Please see the More Information document below for rates, schedule and details. Contact Shanti Retreat to make a booking, or for any questions.
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Oct 6th to Oct 9th
Shanti's Thanksgiving Yoga and Meditation Retreat with Darin, Wendy and Special Guests
Join Darin and Wendy, co-creators of Shanti, for an autumn retreat on Wolfe Island. Savor the beauty of fall colours, and the flocks of migratory Canada Geese gathering in Brown's Bay. In the spirit of Thanksgiving we will take time throughout this weekend of yoga, meditation, silent morning walks and informal gatherings to contemplate gratitude and encourage a 365 day practice. What are we grateful for and what role does gratitude play in our lives? What are our daily joys? In the words of Sara Ban Breathnack, "All we have is all we need. All we need is the awareness of how blessed we really are.” On Saturday evening, guests will have the opportunity to enjoy a group Tama Do sound harmonization session offered by Tracie and Lorne. Tama Do is a restorative energy session that works on clearing the subtle energy field by harmonizing and re-balancing using sound, colour and essences. Return to your natural state of balance. Please see the More Information document below for rates, schedule and details. Please contact Shanti Retreat to make a booking, or for any questions.
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Oct 13th to Oct 15th
Expanding Your Comfort Zone: A Self-Care Yoga & Meditation Retreat with Ali Alexander & Debra Black
Join Ali Alexander and Debra Black for a nourishing weekend retreat of yoga asana practice and meditation. Our physical yoga practices will be conducted in flowing, yin and restorative styles. We will be practicing meditation both as a stand-alone practice as well as in some of the movement sessions. The intention of the weekend is to recognize the places both in our physical-body layer and in our mental/emotional layers where we are limiting our ability to live fully in the world. By recognizing where our limitations exist, we have an opportunity to explore those boundaries and see if we can expand safely beyond that place. The weekend will provide time each day for personal reflection, interaction with nature around the center and there will also be a set time for personal questions or inquiries with Ali and Debra.
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Oct 20th to Oct 22nd
{Iluminate Your Heart} Yoga Retreat for Women
Join Megan Campbell for a weekend retreat and enjoy daily meditation, kundalini + flow yoga that focuses on the Heart, lungs, and large intestines, nourishing food, deep connections, nature appreciation, rest, and silence. Powerful movement medicine to clear, process, and get back in touch with your Soul. For full details, see website link below.
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Oct 23rd to Oct 25th
Rested & Awake - A mid-week restorative retreat for women
Deep healing through movement, meditation and community. Join Annie Bray for her annual fall women's retreat. Experience guided movement and meditation practices, nourishing food and plenty of time to rest and explore the land and water. Our group is intentionlly small, allowing us to create a connected circle for our time together. We will nourish both connection and solitude while holding space for the fullness of our experience. Please visit the link for more information or contact Annie directly with any questions.
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Oct 27th to Oct 29th
Reiki 1 Certification w/Kimeiko Dover
THIS RETREAT IS NOW FULL. Take a weekend to immerse yourself in Reiki! During this Reiki 1 training you’ll learn about the history of Reiki, the 5 Reiki ideals, hand positions for treating yourself and others, and basic Reiki techniques. This course follows the curriculum of the International Centre for Reiki Training (ICRT) and meets course standards of the Canadian Reiki Association. Runs concurrently with Kellie Dearman's yoga retreat, so bring friends or family with you to enjoy Shanti!
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Oct 27th to Oct 29th
Relax, Rejuvenate Retreat! w/ Kellie Dearman
THIS RETREAT IS NOW FULL. Join longtime instructor Kellie Dearman for her 12th retreat at Shanti! This weekend retreat is the perfect opportunity to get away from it all, and give yourself space to delve deeper into your yoga practice. Kellie invites new and practiced students to explore different styles of yoga and meditation in a dedicated setting, while also taking time for rest and relaxation at this glorious island getaway!
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Nov 2nd to Nov 5th
Fall Retreat with dallas delahunt
This weekend there are two retreat offerings at Shanti. This retreat is not to be missed. Enjoy a cozy fall weekend with a cup of hot coco curled up by the wood stove, practice yoga in the Green Tara Room overlooking Brown's Bay, indulge in delicious vegetarian meals and ease your way into dreamland after a session in Shanti's infrared sauna. This is dallas' most intimate retreat with space for only 14 yogis. All this for $550+HST. Full payment is required to secure your spot. Cancellation policy: Full refund available if your spot can be filled, or $450 if not. No refunds or transfers after October 25th, 2017. Email to register today. This retreat is for everybody and every body.
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Nov 3rd to Nov 5th
Yoga for Balanced Living with Abby Blythe
You are your own best healer. Join Abby Blythe, a gifted yoga instructor and yoga therapist, for an introduction to the vast benefits of yoga and how to deepen an existing practice. You will be gently guided through yoga classes to better understand how a daily practice can support proper breathing, healthy digestion, cardiovascular health, increased vitality, regeneration for healthy aging and an overall sense of well being. This fall retreat is also a beautiful time to spend enjoying time fireside, savoring the crispness of fall nature walks, and honoring the opportunity to go within - a gift to Self. On Saturday night Abby will share her love of kirtan. Guests repeatedly share that it is such a treat to experience and bask in the energy of singing, or just listening to, sacred Indian mantras with Abby. Please see the More Information document below for rates, schedule and details. Contact Shanti Retreat to make a booking, or for any questions.
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Nov 10th to Nov 12th
Rest & Reconnect: A weekend of Restorative Yoga with Joshua Lewis
We welcome back Joshua Lewis for a fall retreat - the ideal antidote for the busy and often stressful lives we lead. The greatest gift you can give yourself is the opportunity to switch from a state of “doing” to a state of simply “being.” Through the therapeutic practices of Yin, Gentle Hatha, and Restorative Yoga, our overall intention this weekend is to support the entire organism through rest. We will yield the body with the assistance of multiple props and the luxury of time. This practice of global release is passive and nourishing, calming the nervous system and promoting deep healing. Lovingly come back to yourself through a process of replenishment and rejuvenation. Please see the More Information document below for rates, schedule and details. Please contact Shanti Retreat to make a booking, or for any questions.
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Nov 17th to Nov 19th
Magical Women's Retreat: Tantra, Chakra Yoga, and Mystical Dance with Monika Nataraj
Rejuvenate, renew and share in the magic. This special gathering is brought back by popular demand for its 9th season! Discover the secrets of tantra and your own boundless feminine potential in a sacred circle of women on picturesque Wolfe Island. Savour the beauty of autumn during this weekend retreat filled with chakra yoga, sacred movement, evening gatherings, and tantric teachings for women including an introduction to the practices of the jade egg. Monika has shared tantric teachings with women in over 20 countries around the globe since 2005. Awaken the goddess within - your feminine self! Please see the More Information document below for rates, schedule and details. Contact Shanti Retreat to make a booking, or for any questions.
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Nov 24th to Nov 26th
Fall Restoring Yoga Retreat with Andrea Robertson
Join Andrea Robertson at Shanti Retreat on Wolfe Island November 24th-26th to enjoy one of the last weekends of the fall season before the craze of the Holiday Season. Give yourself the gift of nature and nurture. Come to deepen your practice, give yourself time to connect within. Curl up by the fire inside Shanti with a cup of herbal tea and an inspiring book. Get nourished with yoga, meditation, pranayama, a massage, an infrared sauna session, and seasonal vegetarian cuisine. Weekend retreats are a time to relax, rejuvenate and refresh yourself. This time of year sees more change and renewal so that’s our theme and the yoga & meditation will be tailored accordingly. You will gain some valuable space for yourself and return home with peace of mind, a relaxed body & a fresh perspective. This weekend is all about restoration: restoration of ourselves through the practice of yoga and meditation, and restoration by connecting with nature and nurture as a necessary source of grounding, inspiration and health. When we are really in tune, we’re connected to a natural state of joy that is always within. Andrea’s yoga classes will be focused toward this return to yourself, to your natural joy!
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Apr 6th to Apr 8th
A Weekend of Flow, Yin & Chant with Lana Sugarman
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Apr 13th to Apr 15th
Shanti's Spring Yoga & Meditation Retreat with Wendy & Darin
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Apr 27th to Apr 29th
Yin Yoga Retreat with Angela Jervis-Read
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May 4th to May 6th
Port Perry Flowyoga with Maria Carr
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May 11th to May 13th
Ayurveda, Yoga & Self Care: A Retreat Weekend with Mona Warner
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May 18th to May 21st
Shanti's May Long Weekend Retreat with Wendy & Darin
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May 24th to May 27th
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Jun 4th to Jun 6th
Yoga Retreat with Bettina Braj
This is a closed retreat.

Jun 11th to Jun 14th
Shanti's June Mid-Week Yoga, Meditation & Culinary Retreat with Darin and Wendy
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Jun 15th to Jun 17th
Yogini Yoga: Heal + Transform Retreat with Megan Campbell
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Jun 18th to Jun 20th
Kundalini Yoga Retreat with Lynn Clyde
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Jun 21st to Jun 24th
Annual Yoga Retreat with Mark & Sandy

Jun 29th to Jul 2nd
Shanti's Canada Day Long Weekend Yoga & Meditation Retreat with Darin and Wendy
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Jul 2nd to Jul 4th
Canada Day Mid-Week Retreat with Jaffer
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Jul 5th to Jul 13th
Annual Summer Retreat with dallas delahunt
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Jul 9th to Jul 12th
Restorative Yoga & Meditation Retreat with Leslie Buback
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Jul 13th to Jul 15th
Prana Shanti Teacher Training
This is a closed retreat.

Sep 14th to Sep 21st
Unveiling Presence 8 day yoga and meditation retreat in Odemira, Portugal with Darin and Wendy
ONLY THE ECO GLAMPING TEEPEE - PRIVATE OR 2 SHARE IS AVAILABLE! Journey with us on an 8 day Yoga and Meditation retreat at beautiful Monte Orada Retreat Center, located near Portugal's glorious Southwest Atlantic Coast. Nestled in a 71 hectare evergreen forest reserve, the property radiates silence. There are amazing canopy vistas, creek trails awaiting exploration, and spectacular starry night skies. This soul nurturing retreat center is the perfect location to completely switch off. Choose to relax by the bio pool, connect with stillness in the yoga and meditation temple, read a book in the panoramic solarium, watch the sunset from the rooftop terrace, or simply tune in to the sounds of nature. In the evenings, savor the serenity that surrounds us as you settle in for a deep sleep. The retreat will include a visit to Monte Sahaja, the ashram and home of modern day master Moojibaba, a day at pristine Odeceixe beach and quaint nearby village, a countryside hike in the surrounding pine and cork forest, an outdoor movie night in Monte Orada’s natural amphitheatre, and a bonfire under the stars. Wendy and Darin, co-creators of Shanti Retreat, draw upon 25 years on the yogic path to offer a variety of heart centered yoga and meditation practices (suitable for all levels), which will support an awareness of your natural state of being. Monte Orada is the perfect setting for Unveiling Presence - letting go of the layers that mask our True Essence. Allow yourself the gift of retreating. Nurture and nourish body, mind and soul in the captivating gem of Alentejo Portugal. Commune with like minded beings and recognize the stillness that lies within - a place of great peace, love, joy, and freedom. We look forward to welcoming you. See the more information document for full details or email Lacey at
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Feb 4th to Feb 13th
Joy of Being 10 day Yoga & Meditation Retreat in Goa, India with Darin and Wendy
We loved it so much we are doing it again! Join Wendy and Darin on a 10 day retreat in Goa, India at Samata Retreat Center. More details coming soon, for now just save the date!
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