Know thyself and you shall know the universe.
- Lao Tzu
Friends of Shanti
Waterside serenity
Guests love the food


Thank you Darin,Wendy and the Shanti Team for an amazing Thanksgiving retreat experience. I feel so much at home here and connected to the Spirit world. I will continue to find more and more ways to live in the moment…moment to moment, to lose the person and be present. Thank you again for everything you do. With much Gratitude,
~Tasneem, Thanksgiving Retreat 
I feel so grateful. I had an amazing silent retreat. Thank you so much for all the love and care in every little detail that makes this place peaceful and spiritual- books , notes, signs, colors, harmony, food (of course!), smiles and the experience of deep relaxation and interiorizing in meditation. Thank you for all these little tools for inspiration and guidance. I hope with all my heart that I will be back
~Stephanie, Silent Retreat with Manu
I see the care and love you give to every aspect of this place – a  true sanctuary. I see the work you do with such care, imagination and skill. I imagine the hours of work required, the investment, the worry, the risks. We come, we enjoy, we are served and renewed. We are fed and cared for. Everything is anticipated. The place operates on a nice mix of creativity, hard work, trust, love for what you do. It’s understated and so quiet. I hope you receive even a fraction of the peace, grace ad joy that this place generates for those of us who are privileged to come here.
~Marie, Heart Glow & Osteopath Retreat
Words Cannot express how much it has enriched my life to have been able to share and experience Shanti. Thank you so much for creating this beautiful and precious environment.  I look forward to returning to Shanti soon and often.
~Mona, Shanti Yoga Retreat with Darin and Wendy 
Thank you so much for  these pointings. I thoroughly enjoyed the retreat and the opportunity it gave me to come back to myself again (the only thing I wanted from it). I have been singing its praises to friends, family and co-workers and hope to come back again soon.
- Clodagh, Summer Yoga & Meditation Retreat with Wendy and Darin
I return to work today feeling very different..felt like I was doing a meditation walk while others around me were running!! Lol! Still feeling very zen after 2 days back in Ottawa! Thanks again Wendy and Darin for a wonderful experience! It exceeded all my expectations! Namaste.
- Chantal, Canada Day Retreat with Wendy and Darin

I had a wonderful experience last weekend, led by Monika.  I cannot think of how to improve the experience. I loved the food, the love.  My room was beautiful. I will continue to recommend Shanti as THE place for a yoga retreat.

- Kalene, Monika Nataraj’s Magical Women’s Retreat


Thank you so very much for the most amazing, spiritual, peaceful, loving weekend with you. I feel so blessed. I have never been away on my own in my 51 years of life and I am so thrilled to have embraced the opportunity to share this experience with you.

You made me feel like family. Your community is so filled with love, support, and vibrant yet soothing energy. I am grateful for your teachings, for sharing your yogic philosophy of mind, body and spirit.
The food was out of this world delicious!  My body thanks you.
I also made so many new friends and look forward to maintaining those connections. Thank you for providing the space to bring all these wonderful souls together.
Until next time….
Namaste- Sandra

The Bhakti weekend experiences I have attended have nourished my heart. Darin and Wendy have been kind, Landon’s food is amaaaaazing, and the kirtan artists are talented performers and also adept at leading us into the bhav. What sticks out most for me in my experiences is the undercurrent of love. Thank you _/|\_

- Shulamit, Bhakti Celebration 2016


I loved the facility and especially my single room. A single room for me was huge plus, and essential for any retreats I do because of my sleep issues and need for quiet “down time.”
I liked the opportunity to mix with other participants at meal times, the environmental responsibility approach (composting, recycling and reuse of napkins), and the food was absolutely superb.
The shop was an unexpected fun experience;
As hosts, you were gracious and pleasant;
My Thai massage was a special treat that has now become an addiction! (and I have found one therapist here that does them!) Thank you for that introduction!
Many thanks for your kindnesses, energy and for all you are doing.

- Jennifer, Fusion Wellness’ Retreat


My first time at Shanti was a last minute decision to get away from stressful situations at home and at work. I called on Wednesday and they had an opening for the Friday retreat. I loved it. I left there wanting to be there all the time. I  knew I wanted to learn from all that Shanti had to offer so now I go back at least once a year, sometimes three or four times a year. From one night visits to whole week visits.I’ll never forget my drive home after my one week retreat. I drove the speed limit and didn’t care what the people in the cars behind me though. I was so blissed … for days!

Why I go back to Shanti?

Sun Salutations!
From docks to Waldo.
From asanas to yoga nidra.
Restoring, meditation, heart opening, chakras and balancing.
Seeing radiant beauty, divine energy, love and nature.
Being blissful, peaceful, nurtured and content.
Learning patience, appreciation, gratitude and Rumi.
From home to island from island to home.
As long as there is Shanti … I’m there – even when I’m not.

- Cindy, Shanti’s Spring Yoga and Meditation Retreat


I thank you for having me. And I cant wait to return.I totally enjoyed myself and came home refreshed and ready to face the world again. This was my first yoga retreat ever. Shanti is a beautiful, peaceful place to stay. It was one of the best gifts I have ever given myself.  Wendy, Darin and Gypsy are wonderful hosts. Andrew is an absolutely amazing chef.  The synchronicity that kept appearing to all of us guests reinforced that we were meant to be there. Manu was great. He guided us through yoga asanas, meditation, and inspired us with his words. My heart and soul were awakened. And like I said “I have never been so relaxed in my whole life!!”  I can’t wait to attend another one his classes.Thank you for sharing Shanti and Manu’s gift of teaching and knowledge with me. Much love and gratitude!

- Laurie, Manu’s Open Your Heart Retreat


I had the honour of experiencing Shanti Retreat this summer for a lovely yoga workshop with Dallas. Only a few hours drive from Ottawa, but it feels like you’ve gone on a magical getaway. Every detail is yogi-tastic. From the gorgeous docks, shala, sunrise & sunset views over the water, the rooms. the walking paths, the quiet spaces (tree swing, hammock, etc), the water toys (kayaks, etc), the decor, and last but definitely not least … the FOOD!!! The meals were OMazing!! What binds all of this together is the incredible team of humans working at the retreat centre. I immediately knew I wanted to host my own retreat here, and so it will be. Can’t wait to secure a spot on the schedule as soon as space opens up!! This is one very special place. An oasis. A getaway. A MEtreat. A hOMe away from home.

- Kate D, Dallas Delahunt’s Teachers Retreat


It was hard to believe that I was only at Shanti for 2 1/2 days.  I felt as if I had been away for a long time.  The atmosphere was fantastic.  The house was so warm and cozy and the yurt cool and comfortable.  Manu led us through some basic yoga postures in ways different than I had been accustomed to but with purpose to all of our movements.  We ended each practice with an incredible meditation – I accessed emotions that have been stuck inside of me for years.  There was this release and a sense of calm and clarity.

- Christine M, Manu’s Yoga Nidra Retreat


Once again, an amazing weekend at Shanti!  The Sacred Relationships retreat with Kristoff and Tiffany was relaxing, thought provoking, and inspiring to say the least.  They provided a beautiful, caring environment that allowed for open and honest discussion, personal exploration, and of course some laughter.  A wonderful retreat for both men and women, individuals and couples – simply anyone looking to improve the quality of their relationship with oneself and others.  As well, a big thank you to the wonderful Shanti team who are always so warm and welcoming.  I look forward to relaxing and learning at another retreat (or two) next summer!

- Michelle C, Sacred Relationships Retreat


I wasn’t sure what to expect from this retreat but it was something I had wanted to do for several years regardless of the uncertainty.  The people were very welcoming and attentive.  Being a bit of a beginner to a regular meditation practice I still felt very comfortable among seasoned and newer practitioners like myself.  The food was unbelievable!  In fact, since the retreat I’ve switched to a vegetarian diet having been inspired by just how delicious the chefs were able to make the daily dishes. Inspiring and enlightening on so many levels! I intend to come back for a longer retreat next year.

Craig, Manu’s Silent Meditation Retreat


Thanks for providing a welcoming and peaceful environment for the retreat led by Ken and Lesli last weekend. What a delight for us to be at Shanti again. You have created a magnificent oasis for rest, retreat, renewal, practice and healing. I can guess at the amount of creativity, effort, investment, wisdom and good humour that you have devoted to realizing and maintaining this vision. We owe you a huge debt of gratitude.

- Michael Cooke


Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the retreat last weekend. Your place is a little slice of heaven on earth. The retreat was outstanding and everyone was friendly. The food was excellent!!! I will definitely be returning at some point but our group will be bigger for sure!

– Patricia Cino


I wanted to extend a huge wave of gratitude to you and your outstanding team! Our weekend was so amazing! You and Darin have the most outstanding art of teaching Yoga, meditation and just being. I really feel the need to extend my sincere thankfulness to you both.

– Carole’Anne Sluchinski


Thank you so much for the lovely weekend. I feel so blessed to have people like you that have devoted their lives to teaching yoga and meditation practices. I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and hope to be back for future retreats.

- Marion Hanover


Thank you for making our first retreat something special. The yoga, the meditation, the food, all were great. Our group was very supportive.

- Edward Wayne Fowler


Delicious food, amazing practice space, and a peaceful setting. Thank you so much for another incredible retreat!

- Katie T.


What a wonderful weekend with Mona! Wendy, Darin & Lacey thank you so much for such an incredible weekend. My heart is full with so much new information, new inspiration and new connections I’ve made (and my belly is full with delicious food!). I can’t wait to visit again. Namaste.

- Jennifer L.


Thank you Shanti for a truly wonderful place to call home this past weekend…Exceptional:) Will be back again…  Namaste.

- Dean J.


I just got back from the most peaceful Easter weekend at Shanti retreat. The accommodations are super-cozy, the people are wonderful, and the food is delicious. I’ll be back again for sure. Who’s coming with me?

- Erin L.


This has been one of the most amazing weekends of my life! Thank you to Wendy, Darin, Lacey, Mona for making us so welcome. I am thrilled to have made some new friends and I’ve learned so much. And a BIG thanks to Mike for changing my flat tire too!

- Susan M.


I had a wonderful experience at Shanti and the retreat with Marla Ericksen. The location is beautiful, a very peaceful energy and the staff are great. The food was to die for. Thank you all very much.

- Lisa V.

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